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More on Bali Guitar Academy


As Mentioned, the syllabus is tailored to each student, so it's highly encouraged that you discuss your goals with me before you begin. But rest assured you will learn all the skills commonly covered by boards and established music schools in addition to our own magical touch. Do contact me if you want the exact list we will prepare for you.

You can customize your experience as per: 

1. Following a set curriculum from Music Schools

2. Following a Personalized BGA Curriculum

The only part I emphasize is a strong grip on Fundamentals

Class Details

Classes are held offline in groups. Age group is 10yrs & above.  Do contact me to get a perfect fit based on your likings and skill level.

Some Details to keep in mind:

1. Students have to carry their own Guitar.

2. If you need help with Guitar purchase you can let me know. Beginners' guitars generally cost around Rs 7k- 15k.

3. Fees can be paid by cash/Cheque/ Direct transfer/Gpay/ Paytm.

4. Payment has to be made before the second session. Fees are non-refundable.

5. Fees is Rs. 7200 for 3 months

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