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The course structure is divided into the following aspects, you don't need to have any prior knowledge just a Guitar and a Love for music!!

Please do contact me if you're interested, would love to have you onboard at BGA, we assure you that our customized lesson plan would fit you perfectly, just the way you like it!

Don't hear it from me, enjoy the performance by the BGA students below... 




Here, we focus on building confidence along with teaching the fundamentals of guitar. Students are encouraged to focus on building performance skills and getting comfortable with the instrument. By the end of this level you should be able to rock your way into any party.



We get more into the skill-building, a lot of the magic happens here. You will be exploring different styles and genres and can choose the path you would like to follow as a musician. This stage is one of the most exciting stages of your music journey. Not only that but you learn cool skills like learning a song by just hearing it once, improvising and soloing, and sufficient material for bragging rights.

This is one of the longest stages and hence we will also be goofing off, as you can see...



The final polishing... While learning music never ends, this is the final stage where you can explore absolutely whatever you want after completing the required skill set. Learn skills in the style you like, songs by ear, solo, and set the stage ablaze. This stage is designed as a launching pad into the music world where we are sure you will rock the world!!

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